Warriors of Mother Earth

Driven down into nothingness,

Her tears are unseen

But can we not see her bleed

As we do all is to enjoy her bleed

And like psychopaths we watch and grin,

Wipe our sweat and say ” Oh the tree was too big”

And we cut her down and smoke a cigar keeping a leg on her limp body,

Oh Mankind where have you fallen and Lucifer shall grin

As you are following the path of the devil,

You are nothing better that the “MURDERERS” and “RAPIST”

Congratulations for “RAPING” your Mother off her clothes

Hope that makes you a man in all chores

Isn’t there going to be a voice that will shout out loud,

To protect our Mother and save her from getting Raped

Doesn’t the pain she feels fill you with Rage

So stand up, fight for her and release her from the cage

Oh Warriors of Mother Nature fight till you die

For your Mother needs you and you should fight


Wake up and help Mother Earth

I sometimes wonder the purpose of my life and then comes rushing out of nowhere the plight of Mother Earth. Bloody, massacred and alone and all done by her worthy children. So are we really worthy enough to call her mother.
Deforestation, Pollution , extinction of animals and war. We are covered neck deep in the sins we prefer to look aside as cursed we would feel if we looked and dug deeper into our self conscience.
What have I done till now to save the beauty of nature?
What have I done till now to educate people to curb over population?
What have I done till now to remove myself from the sins of life ?
All the talks have rendered me a talkative person but this searing pain in my heart rages on and I just wish the Angels and Higher Powers who mock me in silence to hold my hand and make me the chosen one as I believe I am the one who can bring the changes.
It pains my heart to see people cutting down forests , killing animals for fun and yet I see the activist shouting for nothing or may be they are shouting only when they are given the coverage of media. Everything is turning into business and the very thing called social animals, love affection , care is fast disappearing from the face of earth.
Soon will come a time when the overpopulated masses will turn on each other and only thing that remains is survival of the fittest. Who cares for whom?
Is that what we are going to see in the near future or can we take this as a challenge and change the way things are now for a healthy co-existence for Mother Earth and in turn for us.

The truth and knowledge is the gift in a veil. Hidden, shadowed and preserved. Tap the door & the inner voice will guide you to the world within where lies glory and peace you have never felt before.